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BIOGRAPHIE de Conchita Wurst

Gagnante de l'Eurovision 2014, l'autrichienne Conchita Wurst est une diva barbue qui perturbe les gens bien-pensants. Tom Neuwirth a su mettre en lumière la diversité.

Depuis l'artiste a su se réinventer musicalement et a changé totalement de look pour évoluer dans des styles musicaux assez variés (dance, symphonique, électro...).

SINGLES de Conchita Wurst

Unbreakable (2011)
That's what I am (2012)
Rise like a phoenix (2014)
My lights (2014 avec Axel Wolph)
Heroes (2014)
You are unstoppable (2015)
Firestorm (2015)
Heast as net (2017 avec Ina Regen)
The sound of music (2018)
Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen (2018)
Trash all the glam (2019)
Hit me (2019)
To the beat (2019)
Lovemachine (2020 avec Lou Asril)
Smalltown Boy (2020 avec Ricky Merino)
Malebu (2021)
Bodymorphia (2021)
All I wanna do (2022)
All that I wanted (2022)
Dirty Maria (2022)

ALBUMS de Conchita Wurst

Conchita (2015)

1. You are unstoppable, 2. Up for air, 3. Put that fire out, 4. Colours of your love, 5. Out of body experience, 6. Where have all the good men gone, 7. Somebody to love, 8. Firestorm, 9. Pure, 10. Heroes, 11. Rise like a phoenix, 12. Other side of me

From Vienna with love (2018)

1. Writing's on the wall, 2. Have I ever been in love, 3. Colors of the wind, 4. The sound of music, 5. Get here, 6. Where do I begin, 7. All by myself, 8. The way we were, 9. Rise like a phoenix, 10. Moonraker, 11. Uninvited, 12. Für mich soll's rote rosen regnen

Truth over magnitude (2019)

1. Trash all the glam, 2. Satori, 3. To the beat, 4. Can't come back, 5. Hit me, 6. See me now, 7. Resign, 8. Under the gun, 9. Kuku, 10. Forward, 11. SIX, 12. Truth over magnitude