"Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)" interview
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Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)

Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)
Just before her victory in Melodifestivalen and before her participation in Eurovision 2014, we asked a few questions to Sanna Nielsen in Stockholm… Always smiling, the swedish girl take some minutes to talk with us about Melodifestivalen and her new song Undo.

Sanna, have you ever been in Paris ?
No.. I have never been in Paris but I told my boyfriend just a week ago : Can we go to Paris ? …Please ! The romantic city…

Do you speak French ?
Bonjour… Je m’appelle Sanna… That’s about it !

What is your best moment in Melodifestivalen ? You have been there seven times in the competition…
I’m proud of the performance I did in Linköping in that competition this year. I’m very proud of that because
I have rehearsed so many weeks, and many months… And I just want to enjoy every second of me being on stage. I’m really proud of that. Then, I’m proud of all my participations in Melodifestivalen. But Undo is what of a kind…

Undo is a song by Fredrik Kempe. What about the creation process for this song ?
Well… He is a great composer and he is also great when I am in the studio. When we’re recording Undo, he gave me some advice : how to do, how to sing those really high notes, those very low notes… It can be really difficult, because it’s so soft in the beginning and it’s like power in the ending. So, we have worked a lot with that.

Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)
Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)
Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)
Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)

He came with the song and offer it to you ?
Yes… Well SVT called actually and they said they had a song that was written for me. And it was Fredrik, David and K-One who have written this song.

Is it the only song you recorded for this Melodifestivalen ?
Yes it is.

Which song do you prefer in Melodifestivalen ?
Empty room ! Empty room is one of my favorite of course. It’s a great song still. And it was a nice performance as well. And the love that I got, the response that I got from all the Swedish fans - and Europeans fans - was enormous.

Thank you very much Sanna.
Thank you.

Sanna Nielsen (Interview 2014)

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