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SINGLES de Corona

The rhythm of the night (1993)
Baby baby (1995)
Try me out (1995)
I don't wanna be a star (1995)
Megamix (1996)
The power of love (1997)
Walking on music (1998)
Magic touch (1998)
Good love (2000)
I'll be your lady (2006)
Baby I don't care (2006)
Back in time (2006)
La playa del sol (2007)
Rhythm of the night (2008 avec Frisco)
Angel (2010)
Saturday (2010)
Hurry up (2012 avec Mikey P)
Queen of town (2013)
Stay with me (2014)
We used to love (2015)

ALBUMS de Corona

The rhythm of the night (1995)

Walking on music (1998)

And me you (2001)

Y generation (2010)