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SINGLES de Culture Beat

Der erdbeermund (1989)
Cherry lips / Les lèvres cerise (1990)
I like you (1991)
Tell me that you wait (1991)
No deeper meaning (1991)
Mr Vain (1993)
Got to get it (1993)
Anything (1993)
DMC Megamix (1994)
World in your hands (1994)
Adelante (1994)
Inside out (1995)
Crying in the rain (1996)
Take me away (1996)
Under pressure (1997)
Walk the same line (1997)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas (1998)
Pay no mind (1998)
Rendez-vous (1998)
You belong (1998)
Insanity (2001)
Mr Vain Recall (2003)
Can't go on like this (2004)
Your love (2008)

ALBUMS de Culture Beat

Horizon (1991)

Serenity (1993)

The remix album (1994)

Inside out (1995)

Metamorphosis (1998)

Best of (2003)

Obsession (Non commercialisé)