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BIOGRAPHIE de Michael Jackson

Début mars 2009, Michael Jackson annonce son grand retour sur la scène O2 (18 000 places) à Londres. Le chanteur américain, qui n'a pas sorti de nouvel album depuis 2001, devait s'y produire pour 50 dates entre juillet 2009 et février 2010.

Alors que 85 millions de dollars de billets avaient été vendus et qu'il répétait son spectacle "This is hit", Michael Jackson est décédé le 25 juin 2009 à Los Angeles d'un arrêt cardiaque. Il semblerait que sa mort résulte de sa dépendance aux injections de Demerol.

Une cérémonie publique, diffusée mondialement, a été organisée le 7 juillet au Staples Center de Los Angeles où il répétait pour son retour.

Mariah Carey, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer et Lionel Richie ont chanté des titres de Michael. La cérémonie contenait aussi des interventions de Berry Gordy, Queen Latifah, Smokey Robinson, Magic Johnson et de Brooke Shields.

Elizabeth Taylor, Quincy Jones et Diana Ross, trop affectés par sa disparition n'y ont pas participé. Toute la famille Jackson (ses parents Joe et Katherine, ses frères Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie, ses soeurs LaToya et Janet, ses enfants Katherine, Prince Michael II et Prince Michael) y participaient. L'hommage s'est terminé sur une émouvante intervention de sa fille Paris.

Le 7 novembre 2011, le verdict tombe : le Docteur Murray est reconnu coupable d'homicide involontaire. Le jury a considéré qu'il y a eu une négligence criminelle de la part du dernier médecin de Michael Jackson, ce qui a contribué à son décès brutal.

SINGLES de Michael Jackson

Got to be there (1971)
Rockin' Robin (1972)
I wanna be where you are (1972)
Aint no sunshine (1972)
Ben (1972)
With a child's heart (1973)
Happy (1973)
Music and me (1973)
We're almost there (1975)
Just a little bit of you (1975)
Ease on down the road (1978 avec Diana Ross)
You can't win
A brand new day (1979 avec Diana Ross)
Don't stop 'til you get enough (1979)
Off the wall (1979)
Rock with you (1980)
She's out of my life (1980)
Girlfriend (1980)
One day in your life (1981)
The girl is mine (1982 avec Paul McCartney)
Billie Jean (1983)
Beat it (1983)
Wanna be startin' somethin' (1983)
Human nature (1983)
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 1983
Say say say (1983 avec Paul McCartney)
Thriller (1983)
Farewell my summer love (1984)
Ease on down the road (nouvelle sortie 1984)
Girl you're so together (1984)
I just can't stop loving you (1987 avec Siedah Garrett)
Bad Bad (1987)
The way you make me feel (1987)
I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus (1991)
Man in the mirror (1988)
Get it (1988 avec Stevie Wonder)
I want you back '88 (avec les Jackson 5)
Dirty Diana (1988)
Another part of me (1988)
Smooth criminal (1988)
Leave me alone (1989)
Liberian girl (1989)
Black or white (1991)
Remember the time / Come together (1992)
In the closet (1992)
Someone put your hand out (1992)
Jam (1992)
Who is it (1992)
Heal the world (1992)
Give in to me (1993)
Will you be there (1993 BO du film Sauvez Willy)
Gone too soon (1993)
Scream / Childhood (1995 avec Janet Jackson)
You are not alone (1995)
Earth song (1995)
This time around (1996 promo)
They don't care about us (1996)
Why (1996 avec les 3T)
Stranger in Moscow (1996)
Blood on the dance floor (1997)
HIStory (remix) / Ghosts (1997)
Is it scary (1997 promo)
You rock my world (2001)
Cry (2001)
Butterflies (2002 promo)
One more chance (2003)
Cheater (2004 promo)
This is it (2009)
Hold my hand (2010 avec Akon)
Behind the mask (2011)
Love never felt so good (2014)

ALBUMS de Michael Jackson

Got to be there (1972)

01. Ain't no sunshine, 02. I wanna be where you are, 03. Girl don't take your love from me, 04. In our small way, 05. Got to be there, 06. Rockin' robin, 07. Wings of my love, 08. Maria (You were the only one), 09. Love is here and now you're gone

BEN (1972)

01. BEN, 02. Greatest show on earth, 03. People make the world go 'round, 04. We've got a good thing going, 05. Everybody's somebody's fool, 06. My girl, 07. What goes around comes around, 08. In our small way, 09. Shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da-day, 10. You can cry on my shoulder

Music & me (1973)

01. With a child's heart, 02. Up again, 03. All the things you are, 04. Happy (Love theme from "Lady sings the blues"), 05. Too young, 06. Doggin' around, 07. Johnny Raven, 08. Euphoria, 09. Morning glow, 10. Music and me

Forever, Michael (1975)

01 We're almost there, 02. Take me back, 03. One day in your life, 04. Cinderella stay a while, 05. We've got forever, 06. Just a little bit of you, 07. You are there, 08. Dapper-Dan, 09. Dear Michael, 10. I'll come to you

Off the wall (1979)

01. Don't stop 'til you get enough, 02. Rock with you, 03. Working day and night, 04. Get on the floor, 05. Off the wall, 06. Girlfriend, 07. She's out of my life, 08. I can't help it, 09. It's the falling in love, 10.
Burn this disco out

Thriller (1982)

01. Wanna be startin' something, 02. Baby be mine, 03. The girl is mine (avec Paul McCartney), 04.
Thriller, 05. Beat it, 06. Billie Jean, 07. Human nature, 08. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), 09. The lady in my life

Bad (1987)

01. BAD, 02. The way you make me feel, 03. Speed demon, 04. Liberian girl, 05. Just good friends, 06.
Another part of me, 07. Man in the mirror, 08. I just can't stop loving you, 09. Dirty Diana, 10. Smooth criminal, 11. Leave me alone

Dangerous (1991)

01 Jam, 02. Why you wanna trip on me, 03. In the closet, 04. She drives me wild, 05. Remember the time, 06. Can't let her get away, 07. Heal the world, 08. Black or white, 09. Who is it, 10. Keep the faith, 11.
Give in to me, 12. Will you be there, 13. Gone too soon, 14. Dangerous

HIStory - Past, present and future - Book 1 (1995)

01. Billie Jean, 02. The way you make me feel, 03. Black or white, 04. Rock with you, 05. She's out of my life, 06. Bad, 07. I just can't stop loving you, 08. Man in the mirror, 09. Thriller, 10. Beat it, 11. The girl is mine, 12. Remember the time, 13. Don't stop 'til you get enough, 14. Wanna be startin' somethin', 15. Heal the world, 21. Scream, 22. They don't care about us, 23. Stranger in Moscow, 24. This time around, 25. Earth song, 26. D.S., 27. Money, 28. Come together, 29. You are not alone, 30. Childhood (Theme from "Free Willy 2"), 31. Tabloid junkie, 32. Bad, 33. History, 34. Little Susie, 35. Smile

Blood on the dance floor (1997)

01. Blood on the dance floor, 02. Morphine, 03. Superfly sister, 04. Ghosts, 05. Is this scary, 06.
Scream louder (Flyte Tyme remix), 07. Money (Fly Island radio edit), 08. 2 Bad (Refugee Camp mix), 09. Stranger in Moscow (Tee's in-house club mix), 10. This time around (D.M. radio mix), 11. Earth song (Hani's club experience), 12. You are not alone (Classic club mix), 13. HIStory (Tony Moran's HIStory lesson)

Invincible (2001)

01. Unbreakable, 02. Heart breaker, 03. Invincible, 04. Break of dawn, 05. Heaven can wait, 06. You rock my world, 07. Butterflies, 08. Speechless, 09. 2000 watts, 10. You are my life, 11. Privacy, 12. Don't walk away, 13. Cry, 14. The lost children, 15. Whatever happens, 16. Threatened

Number ones (2003)

01. Don't stop 'til you get enough (2003 edit), 02. Rock with you, 03. Billie Jean, 04. Beat it, 05. Thriller (2003 edit), 06. Human nature, 07. I just can't stop loving you (Avec Siedah Garrett), 08. Bad, 09. The way you make me feel, 10. Dirty Diana, 11. Smooth criminal, 12. Black or white, 13. You are not alone, 14. Earth song, 15. Blood on the dance floor, 16. You rock my world, 17. Break of dawn, 18. One more chance

The ultimate collection (2004 coffret)

The essential Michael Jackson (2005 compilation)

01. I want you back, 02. ABC, 03. The love you save, 04. Got to be there, 05. Rockin' Robin, 06. Ben, 07. Blame it on the boogie, 08. Shake your body (Down to the ground), 09. Don't stop 'til you get enough, 10. Off the wall, 11. Rock with you, 12. She's out of my life, 13. Can you feel it, 14. The girl is mine, 15. Billie Jean, 16. Beat it, 17. Wanna be startin' somethin', 18. Human nature, 19. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), 20. I just can't stop loving you, 21. Thriller, 22. Bad, 23. The way you make me feel, 24. Man in the mirror, 25. Dirty Diana, 26. Another part of me, 27. Smooth criminal, 28. Leave me alone, 29. Black or white, 30. Remember the time, 31. In the closet, 32. Who is it, 33. Heal the world, 34. Will you be there, 35. You are not alone, 36. Earth song, 37. They don't care about us, 38. You rock my world

Visionary - The video singles (2006 coffret)

This is it (2009)

Michael (2010)

01. Hold my hand (avec Akon), 02. Hollywood tonight, 03. Keep your head up, 04. (I like) The way you love me, 05. Monster (avec 50 Cent), 06. Best of joy, 07. Breaking news, 08. (I can't make it) Another day (avec Lenny Kravitz), 09. Behind the mask, 10. Much too soon

Immortal (2011)

Xscape (2014)

01. Love never felt so good, 02. Chicago, 03. Loving you, 04. A place with no name, 05. Slave to the rhythm, 06. Do you know where your children are, 07. Blue gangsta, 08. Xscape