"Lasgo (Interview 2012)" interview
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Lasgo (Interview 2012)

Lasgo  (Interview 2012)
The new single of Lasgo is Can’t stop. Jelle van Dael sang this new song au Worstenfeesten In Vlimmeren on august 19. Lasgo will be with Milk Inc in concert in Sportpaleis d’Anvers (12-13 oct). Jelle is also video jockey on Jim TV.

We met her at the Antwerp Pride 2012.

Lasgo is back with a new single. Can you tell us more about this new song Sky high ?

It's actually a love song. It's about… when you are in love, then people can really takes you sky high ! It's like living a dream, it's like reaching heaven. …And this is also a song about like You left me up I feel like I can fly. So, it's like being in love, living the dream and living in the heaven.

Lasgo  (Interview 2012)
You are still working with Peter Luts ?

Peter Luts… cause he’s my producer still. And he is doing a great job… Also, his solo career is doing very well also in France. And I’m so happy to work with him ! He has a lot of success. I'm still so happy he believes in me because he chose me from the competition. I became the new singer of Lasgo. I’m so happy that he gave me a chance. He's a good friend too ! 4 years in Lasgo, it goes very fast !

What about your video of the song ?

It's like being in love, what you do when you are in love. Like colouring on the pool, table… (laugh)
With a famous dancer : Meysam (Noori). He was second in MTV competition You can dance. He is perfect to figure in the video clip.

A new single is coming soon ?

Well, we are working on it. We just want it to be perfect. That’s we are waiting so long. Because dance is evolving so fast. I just want it to be perfect. I can also say that the next single will be a song of my own. I wrote the new single and I’m very happy, because it’s something from myself… I can’t wait to show you guys... Normally... september at least !

And the new album of Lasgo ?

I can’t say witch date exactly. We are looking for perfection. I hope this year… or maybe next year !

For X-Mas ?

It could be a Christmas present, yes !

Lasgo  (Interview 2012)

What style in the new album ?

Actually, I want to discover other styles. To try other styles…

Like drum and bass ?

Yeah maybe ! Or dubstep… that’s something I really wanna try. Maybe not dance progressive, or that hard. Dance is very commercial the last years and you can do so many things… It’s always acceptable. I wanna do that. I wanna try other different styles. Except hardstyle ! I guess that’s not really my thing. But dubstep yeah, I will try it… maybe…

It seems that there are connections between Lasgo and the gays ?

The gay audience is… They just show so much love. They just see the party and not to tell Oh I don’t like that, I don’t like this. No, they just party. It’s one big family, hands up, partying… We all love each other. I really love to be here.

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