"AnnaGrace (Interview 2012)" interview
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AnnaGrace (Interview 2012)

AnnaGrace (Interview 2012)

AnnaGrace, can you tell us more about Alive ?

I wrote this song after a really bad experience ! I went crying. I was stop into a cave and I couldn’t get out. I’ve been crying, I went crazy… But after a while… centimeter by centimetre… I got out the cave : and I feel like… I’m alive ! That’s the only inspiration of this song. Like Oh my god, it’s good to be alive ! That’s why there are a lot of emotions in the song. It’s a really strong song. I really wanted to have a message and it came quite fast well. I wanted to create a song that really express how good it feels to be alive ! The music translate it well too, it’s very powerful… Like a Rocky Balboa feeling ! That was the whole inspiration idea behind the song.

After Ready to fall in love, you’re alive ?

I write my own lyrics, my own melodies, my own stuff… I only write about things that are really important to me, or that I’m feeling at the moment. For Ready to fall in love, I was not open to love for 2 years. And, when I wrote my song, I opened my heart again. Somebody came into my life. That’s the story behind that song !

New album soon ?

Yes, I wrote many songs. I’ve been writing almost a year. And I’m still writing right now. Every month, there are new songs. It’s gonna be really hard to selected which one will make the album. But I love writing songs. That’s the best of this whole business, this whole music industry. And, I can’t wait to share all my new songs with the people.

What style in the new album ?

There is also quite different sounds… Like drum and bass, dubstep… I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different styles, just because I wanna do it ! So, I can’t wait to know what people think about it. I’ve got a lot of songs ready but I don’t have the feeling right now if it’s already finished. I wanna do a little bit more, producing more, writing again… Then I’m gonna see. Maybe in the few months, I’m gonna finish it. Then, we gonna see when we’ll gonna release it. But it’s coming !

Maybe not this year ?

I don’t think this year. I have to discuss with my record label. But it’s because I keep continue writing songs. It’s hard for me to finish it you know. So, we will see !

Something more do you want to say to your fans ?

Of course I want to say I love them, I love all my fans ! Keep dance music alive. Keep partying and we could meet somewhere in the clubs and festivals ! Just be good to yourself… Kiss.

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