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SINGLES de Anita

Get ready for this (1991)
Twilight zone (1992)
Workaholic (1992)
The magic friend (1992)
No limit (1993)
Tribal dance (1993)
Faces (1993)
Maximum overdrive (1993)
Let the beat control your body (1994)
The real thing (1994)
No one (1994)
Here I go (1995)
Nothing like the rain (1995)
Do what's good for me (1995=
Jump for joy (1996)
Spread your love (1996)
Wanna get up (1998)
Edge of heaven (1998)
Never surrender (1998)
No limit 2.3 (2003)
Tribal dance 2.4 (2004)
In da name of love (2010)
Nothing 2 lose (2011)

Solo :

That's when I'll stop loving you (1996 avec René Froger)
Lifting up my life (2000)
This is reality (2001)
Falling into the groove (2006 avec Diva's of Dance)
Cancion del mariaci (2010 avec D-Rashid & Roberto Da Costa)
Next level (2012)
Ain't gonna wait on love (2013 avec Van Noten & Van Zandt)