"Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)" interview
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Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
Hello Ray ! Nice to meet you again. I am delighted that you have agreed to answer our questions.
Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- You travelled a lot with 2 Unlimited in the 90s. What are your best memories of this period ?
It was the best period, of course. We had every three months a hit record… We were traveling a lot in different places. Meeting a lot of people…The 90’s was a good time, a very nice time you know… Unlimited time also because it was more possible than now. I was speaking with some friends, and we said “back in the days, it was more beautiful.”
Now, my son is sixteen, it’s a different time. We have internet... That time we had more fun I think. Yeah !

- So 2 Unlimited are back ! It was so important for you to bring back the original name ?
Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
Yeah, for sure… Of course, we were doing a lot of shows with Ray and Anita. But of course 2 Unlimited, everybody knows 2 Unlimited ! If you go to Japan, Australia, Italy or South Africa… When you go to Tokyo you say Ray and Anita… ?!?!!* You say 2 unlimited… Yeah. Ok ! We had a lot of shows, but now more shows are coming because of the name. So, it’s better for us… and nice to have our name back.

- So, you’re working again with Jean Paul De Coster ? On new songs ?
This moment definitively be preparing for the big show. We’re coming with a remix kinda album… around this time. And, in the meantime, we are working on a new project also.

- So there will be 2 new albums of 2 Unlimited : a remix one and new stuff…
Yeah !

- With Ray & Anita songs ?
Some songs from us… But you know we have many songs, we have some songs in internet like Still unlimited, Nothing 2 lose, In da name of love… But in the meantime, we recorded many songs with different people.
We’re just gonna pick some from these. Of course, Jean-Paul also have some ideas to work with producers…

- You have recorded many many songs that we don’t know ?
Yeah… many songs that we don’t do in the shows.

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- Maybe in your full concert in Belgium ?
We probably do some of the new songs also. But now because it’s 2 Unlimited, of course people wanna hear 2 Unlimited songs… It’s gonna be like 80-90 minutes, a normal show. I think we can fit all the hits into it. We’ll have some guest appearances also.

- Can you tell us a little name ?
No, I’m not allowed. No I’m not allowed… but there are from the 90s !

- From the 90s ?
They are from the 90s… You know, there’s a lot of people touring like Culture Beat, Haddaway, Dr Alban, Snap. It’s nobody of them…. And that’s all I’d say ! Some artists that people will see in march lately.

- Also urban artists ?
No, it’s all 90’s dance.

- Maybe Milk Inc ?
Before, we worked with them. It’s possibility…(Smile)

- And for the new album you will record songs with Milk Inc team, with Regi ?
No. I don’t know yet. I mean I did one song on his album Registrated, Throw it up. Now, we told with different producers from England, from Holland of course… We have many good djs from Holland now. We have people like Afrojack, Armin van Buuren… We told with different people in the States, in England…

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- For the remix album, there will be different styles ?
Yeah. Different styles and different djs.

- Famous djs ? Your friends ?
Friends or famous. We go for something that is good… I mean somebody like for example Afrojack bring me something good maybe. Have the name, yeah… But there’s also other guys who are upcoming and are very good quality. So we don’t really go for the name. It’s always good to have the name also, we know. But we’ll see the best product we need. It can be Afrojack, it can also be a new artist.

- What do you think about music industry today and about the 90's revival ?
The music industry now is different than when we were doin’ our own thing. You could sell a lot of records back in the days. But now, you don’t sell that much records. You know the downloads… So, I think the 90s were better because you could look at the product. You have the CD then. Now, you just download it. It’s different. It’s more digital. Back in the days, it was more like “I like you, I have the poster”. But, now it’s an artist. Tomorrow it’s another artist. So, I think back in the days was better for artists. But you know… it’s different time !

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- The imagery was/is important for 2 Unlimited ?
Yes, I think so. Because when we started, the dance music was already big… but we didn’t have no big artist.
You had many djs back in the days… And later then come the image… Before, the cap in the streets… I think the difference that bring 2 Unlimited is you have 2 people. You can be a fan of 2 people.
And now we can also dj again. But I think it’s gonna go back to the artists. It’s very good than now, in 2013, you have so much stage… people coming to see the shows. So, they go back to 2 Unlimited and remember the old days. So, I’m happy that people still like it, and they’re still coming to see us !

- I’ve seen in your last stage appearance, you have nice outfits. Is it important for you ?
For sure. Because, you have to bring also something. People see that you also working for it. Not just like stand there… I cannot stand there ! Because when I’m on stage… I also bring the energy for the music.

- New outfits for the full show, the biggest show you’ll gave in Belgium ?
Yeah. In march. Different outfits, decors… We’ll have a live band also. It’s gonna be a great show, with a lot of surprises and different things. Also songs that we normally don’t do in the shows. Normally the show is 45 minutes. But now we have time. So by example we can sing Nothing like the rain…. Song that you usually don’t hear. We can show more and bring more songs.

- Only single songs or album songs in this show ?
Also maybe, yeah. We’re talking about it…
(He said goodbye to Ice MC with whom he discussed prior to our arrival).
I see ya later my brother. We’ll have a drink after…

- Because you have other good songs like Burning like fire, Do what I like ?
Yeah… Mysterious… we also have that one.
(We stopped because he ordered foie gras, inquire on the chicken ...)
I eat diet because we had soundcheck…

- So, you also like chinese food ?
Yeah I like sushi a lot. Japanese food. Healthy food. Thaï food also. That’s why when I’m at home I cook most of the time asian food… Yeah, I was a cooker, so I enjoy that. It’s my meditation.

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- You travelled a lot in Thaïland ?
… In 2 weeks I go. The 15 of february I go there for one week. Caus I have some friends who are djing there. They ask me to do the MCing. It’s more an Hip hop kinda thing. It’s just party there. They bring me, they pay my flight, my hotel… Just come and enjoy… Finish my tattoo... (laughs) I made it also in Thaïland. So now we’re gonna colour this maybe, and maybe do some more…

- Maybe ? You have no ideas already ?
No, not yet. I go there and I feel… inspiration.

- Full body ?
Not full body. Not my back, or… No, no...

- And in the 90s ?
No. In the 90s I was scared about it. (laughs)

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- Tell us your secret about how you work your body ?
I try to be healthy. I don’t work hard that much. But I mean, I do cardio… You have to because we’re travelling…
(Showing us the food). I like a beer also… Running to keep balance. Eat healthy food…

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- No gym ?
Yeah some, also. Maybe two times in a week, I go. I like running, cardio and do some pushing…

- Dolce & Gabbana, is this brand particular for you ?
Back in the days, I liked the boxer short. I just pick up the boxer short, because I liked to put it like this. And because it was a nice brand. I have nothing special with Dolce & Gabbana. I can wear different styles. Sometimes hip-hop, sometimes jacket… If I like, I like it. It’s not I only go to Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci… No… Sometimes I see something… But for the rest, you always pick something up somewhere. It doesn’t have to be expensive. If you like, you buy it… It can be G-Star like today… or Dolce & Gabbana !

- And tonight ?
It’s gonna be 2 Unlimited outfits. Like in Anwerp… It was silver but tonight I’ll have the gold one. And now we’re making more outfits, because of the shows we must change different times.

- So in Belgium you’ll have new one ?

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- Did you have or still have relationships with eurodance acts ?
Yes. Ice MC. We call sometimes and see each other. And Turbo B. Captain Hollywood is a good friend of mine. I see Haddaway sometimes… Back in the days, I used to live in Monaco and Haddaway was almost my neighbor.
So, it’s always nice to see them. See they are doing well… Most of them live in Germany. Ice MC is in London I think, Snap is in the States…

- You gave shows for gay audiences. You have some connections with the gay community ?
Yeah. They are always partying, and very open. When we were in the States in the beginning of the 90s, the most clubs we played were gay clubs. Because they really like our music, they were always looking forward. That time Dance Music was not so popular. But the gays were always there ! I also have many gay friends. They like to party. They don’t care. No limit. They just go ! I always have a good support and feedback with them.
Andre our manager is gay, as you know. He’s cool and funny.

- In France we may have soon the gay wedding ?
Ok. Good. Maybe tonight we go to Queen with my friends. Before I used to go to Les Bains Douches and then to Queen. I don’t know if Queen is still happening. Always good parties ? Less gay than before. More commercial.
Before in the 90s, always good parties. 8 o’clock in the morning, we were still drinking and partying.
Tonight, we gave me some places VIP, so we’ll see…

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- Do you like clubbing like Ibiza ?
Not so much. I used to go in Ibiza when I was young. I used to go very much. But now I will not go in Ibiza on holiday. Because I don’t like to go to places where there are too many famous people. I know many football players go to Ibiza with the bottle. But it’s not my style. When I go in holiday, I go somewhere where I don’t see no artist. Simple. When I’m in Paris like tonight, I see my friends that I’ve not seen for a long time. So, party tonight. I also have a party in my house tomorrow. So I can’t handle too late.

- And maybe work for the show in Belgium ?
We have many rehearsals. In between, next week we go to Berlin where we have a show.

- Will you have a little merchandising (CDs, physical release, T shirt, Poster…) for the show, for fans ?
Yeah. T shirts for sure. We’re talking with 2 people now… It’s gonna be merchandising. When I did the soundcheck I saw a dj with a retro t-shirt with the rap, the lyrics… It’s very good recognizable.

- New CDs in sell in Antwerpen ?
I’m not sure yet. We have many things to do…

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- You speak french because you lived in Monaco. Have you ever tried to do a rap in french ? French radios like when foreign artists are adapting their songs in our language. They are more played on radios. NRJ and Fun Radio love that and these radios are important for the music you make.
No I’m not sure. Because I never wrote a rap in french. But I know that in France you must have 40 % songs in french for radios. Robbie Williams can do a French version. Everybody do it. So yes it’s a good option.

- Do you have solo projects like Anita with Next level ?
Besides we do our own things also. And we come together as 2 Unlimited also. I will have a song out next week. You’ll see the video soon. It’s a producing project and I’m also doing the featuring. We also do the video in Paris, Cannes and in Germany. It’s called the Dutchables. I also produce and write for. And on the first single, I’m a feature artist. It’s a good song.

- Will “Still unlimited” be released as a single ? We find it very catchy.
No. I don’t know. But I don’t think so because it has been there for a long time. It’s very catchy. Most of the time, we open with Still unlimited and people don’t know it, but they always go ! So, it’s a good opening. Tonight we don’t do it because it’s a very short show, less than twenty minutes…

- Believers maybe ?
…Believers is nice. I like that one. That’s a good one.

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
- Could you explain us the creation process of your 90s songs Anita is doing vocals, Ray make raps parts and the producers are in charge of melodies ? Is it that or is it totally different ?
Most of the time, the producer came with the beats, the demo of the track. Then we go to studio. We also make the melody. Not always but… I write like many 80 % of the songs. Anita 70 % or maybe less.
They give a song. And then… With Tribal dance for example with the african drums… I said it’s tribal… so that’s like that come Tribal dance. I always have to be influenced. I have many lyrics, many songs that I like to give the music what I really I feel. When I feel the music then comes the idea.

- And, for the new songs, is it the same process of creation ?
Yes. Same process but with the songs that we did we are more involve in the production. All the songs that we did, we did it in my studio in Germany where I work together with my partner. That’s how we recorded all the songs. I sit down and I say I want a melody like this, a beat like this. He makes it.
Because before it was Here’s the music, you have to write or you can write over it if you want.
That’s how we wrote songs. But now we are more involve. So when we gonna do new songs with Jean-Paul we also gonna be more involved. It’s not gonna be like back in the days… I was young. I did everything they want. Now I’m older so I do what I want. We sit together and everybody can say we gonna do like this, and everybody’s gonna be happy…

- Can you tell something to your french fans ?
Yes. To all my french people out there. I would like to thank you for the support. And hopefully we will see you this year in a concert somewhere around…

- Thank u !
Alright. You’re welcome.

Thank you very much to give us a little of your time to answer to ParisGayZine.

Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)
Ray / 2 Unlimited (Interview 2013)

Interview made in Paris January 25, 2013 before "We are the 90s" concert at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles.
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