"Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)" interview
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Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)

Interview of Eric Saade and J-Son at Swedish Institute the 9th of November 2011 for their first showcase in France.

Hello Eric, nice to meet you in France. How are you?
Eric Saade - «I’m fine. And you ?»
Fine, thank you.

For the public audience who don’t know you yet, could you introduce yourself ?
Eric Saade - «Ohh… I will just introduce myself and say… I’m a swedish pop artist. I love electropop…That why I’m working with J-Son and writing songs with him. I love to perform, that’s why I do big performances every time I’m on television or making my concerts. So, I would say I’m a performer and an electropop musician.»

You have ever been in Paris to sing Popular on TV, was it your first time in Paris ?
Eric Saade - «Yeah, that was the first time in France when I sang "Popular" in TV. I had a great time. I was just staying over the day, so it was gonna fast. But this is the first time for real, with Neocorp and "Hearts in the air".So, this will be the first real time I’m here.»

This year you won the Melodifestivalen in Sweden and came third at Eurovision. What memories do you keep this period?

Eric Saade - «That was a big circus actually. I had a really good time of course. That will always be in my memory for the rest of my life. And I got a chance to show myself and my music in front of all Europe. I just remember that I said "big chance" and "a really good time in my life". Everything happened after that actually with "Hearts in the air".»

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)
You have made 2 albums in Sweden and were on tour with MADE OF POP and now you are coming in Europe and especially in France with your album "Saade vol.1", how do you handle this new awareness ?
Eric Saade - «That ain’t something that I have to deal with. Because I’m not thinking of it in that way. Because I just love music, writing music, doing my things on stage and perform, and I’m not thinking of being number one. 'Cause to me, it’s not a contest. It’s about doing my thing. What do you think ?»
J-Son - «Yeah, I thing that’s clear that’s what you wanna do. He wanna do songs and perform them»
Eric Saade - «Yeah, so it’s not about being number one, but of course if you say I’m number one, I’m glad, I’m glad ! (Laughs)»

How long do you do with music ?
Eric Saade - «I’m singing since I was a kid of course. Because I love it since I was 6 years old. I performed on my mother’s wedding, Actually, I was a little kid. But then I got signed to my first record deal, I was 15 in Sweden. That’s when all started professionally.»

Did you always want to become a popstar ?
Eric Saade - «A popstar not ! But I always wanted to write music and sing. Popstar I mean of course that’s a big dream to spread my music all over the world. But for me, it’s all about creating new stuff. I love to create art. And music is art. My art is my freedom. So, that’s what I love.»

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)
You wrote some of the lyrics of your album. How was writing this album ?
Eric Saade - « We write almost every songs together nowadays with J. for Saade vol. 2 in Sweden. But now I’m on volume 1 in France. We wrote "Hearts in the air" and "Killed my a cop". We often create the melodies first…the lead melody and… we always get a feeling…We coming up to the lyrics from the feelings we get from the melody. J-Son, you can describe a bit.»
J-Son - « I think it’s very correct… What we do, basically, we’re going to the studio where Jason Gill have the beat ready. I think, me and him, we were just dancing. It’s like we have a party in the studio. Me and him, we always standing behind the producer. We dance and sing in the coming up the melodies. I think that the songs are so good because they are so real to us. Like "Hearts in the air", "Killed by a cop" these songs come from, like he said, real emotions. The way we feel in the studio at that time. That’s how we do songs, and it goes very fast, very fast !»

Fredrik KEMPE wrote a few songs on this album, on what occasion did you meet him ?
Eric Saade - «Well, I met him in 2010 actually. When I was doing my first Melodifestivalen. He’d just contacted me, wanted to write songs actually. I think, that starts on like Facebook or something… Ok, that’s cool. Let’s try it, and that went kinda good. But nowadays, I don’t know, we haven’t met for a while actually. But, he’s a great songwriter, he’s got amazing melodies. He’s really good at what he’s doing. Yeah, on Facebook. Amazing !»

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)

So, come back on your album, if you had to define it, give a meaning in a few words …
Eric Saade - «Volume 1 in few words ? That’s horrible because all the songs are about different things. I will say, of course, electropop because that’s the word that’s really describe my album. I will say… True, very true ! Like "Hearts in the air". I’m kinda honest on my lyrics. As I say in "Hearts in the air" : Do it from your heart, with your heart first, before your brain and you will succeed ! Do it like I do. It’s kinda true…".»
J-Son - «Every song is very personal ! It’s personal, it’s true, it’s electropop !»
Eric Saade - « Electropop, Personal and True. That’s are the good words.»

Could you sing us a few notes of your favorite songs on the album ?
Eric Saade - «Ooh, I had a rough last night. Which song ? I think Timeless is one of my favorite songs on Volume 1. Have you heard that one ? Yeah ? What do you think ? Which one is your favorite ?»
My favorite ? Popular, Made of Pop, Big love and Hearts in the air ! Many singles in this Volume 1.
Eric Saade - « I can sing Hearts in the air, if you want. I will be soft because last night…»
He sang a little part of Hearts in the air.

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)
You came with J-Son. How did you work with this brazilian-swedish singer and rapper on "Hearts in the Air" ? How did you start to work together ?
J-Son - «First, I’ve got a phone call of the producer the album Jason Gill. He was with this guy, Eric Saade. And that day, I was at home so I came the same day. I came to the studio and he has great songs. He was rapping in the studio, dancing. This guy move, energetic like me. My mate in pop music. We come from two different worlds. We should write a song together ! Two days later we wrote "Killed my a cop" !»
Eric Saade - «He’s amazing on lyrics because he’s a rapper. He just can freestyled : "Got me chained, got me locked… Think I'm free but I'm not… Like I'm killed by a cop !" I was like : "Shit, this isn’t true !" That’s the way he does. He is great ! Jay is great !»

Do you have planned to make another duet together. Maybe on the new album ?
J-Son - «Yeah of course, there is another featuring together. I understand in French»
Eric Saade - «Yes there is… It’s called…I can say it, it’s called "Sky fall down", a bit more calm but in a good way. I can’t describe that song»
J-Son - «Such a big record ! Our friendship has grown so much over the summer. We were very close friends. It’s not just music anymore. We chilled, we go out…It’s kind obvious when we listen to the lyrics of the Eric Saade new songs. That’s really too worth, we have the same feelings.»

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)

You met Red One at Eurovision. What do you think of his work and did you intend one day to work with him?
Eric Saade - « Oohh. Who knows ? I don’t know actually. I met him and he is a great person, he was nice to meet. Maybe in the future but not right now. I have my team and I love my team. J-Son, and Jason Gill the producer who is a fantastic producer ! He is amazing. If you ask me, he’s the next Red One. He will be the one everyone will talking about in 2 years. So, I’m kind of confident in my team. There no reason to find someone else. But of course Red One is great. So, why not in the future ? If he comes to me with an offer… (Laughs) »

Eric Saade  (Interview 2011)
Are there any French artists that you like or even with whom you would like to collaborate?
Eric Saade - « Yes Shy’m ! She’s cool. I have seen her when we were at the same TV program when I sung Popular, last time in France. She’s kinda cool because she’s doing like an rnb pop sound. I love that. If I were about to do a french feature, I think it will be her. And she… I’m gonna be honest, she looks good… (Laughs)»
And with David Guetta ?
Eric Saade - «Yeah, Of course ! He is a great producer. He’s got a lot of hits in the whole world. So that would be a great chance of course. I would do that !»

Have you considered adapting one of your tracks by adding a few words in French to facilitate the radio broadcast?
Eric Saade - «I don’t know about that. Because I don’t know if I’ll ever sing in French. Because I’m not french and I don’t speak french. That wouldn’t be honest if you ask me. But I would absolutely if you consider I’ll make a feature, where the girl…maybe Shym (Laughs) or someone else… sings in French and I will sing in English. That will be a cool thing, that will be art. But me singing in French, I don’t think so… Because I don’t wanna do anything that I am not good at. That’s really important for me.»

Did you learn any French words for tomorrow for the showcase ?
Eric Saade - « "Merci beaucoup" of course. And "ça va ?" That’s it. I’ll try to learn more, I’ve got one day. »

Next year we will spend one week in Stockholm for the final of Melodifestivalen, what can you advise us to do there?
Eric Saade - « Oohh. Do you mean nightclubs or also on your spread time ? There is a lot of clubs. There is a club call Victum on Mondays, they have what they call a Melodifestivalen night. And if you really like Melodifestivalen, you should go there on Mondays. »

Thanks Eric and J-Son.

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