Interview de "Twenty 4 Seven (Interview 2010)"
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Twenty 4 Seven (Interview 2010)

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Twenty 4 Seven (Interview 2010)
Interview de Stay-C

We are very happy of your return in Twenty 4 Seven. Why did you take this break from music scene ?
Stay-C - « I have been on the road with Nance for many years and travelled around the world almost twice. Seen all continents and experienced many great things that people rarely experience. But you can only be in one place at a time and in that period I had two young kids already. It was very hard for me to combine Twenty 4 Seven with being a father for my two boys. I have used this break to try and make up with them, which was great ! »

When did you decide to come back in Twenty 4 Seven ? Because of 90's revival ?
Stay-C - « To be honest with you, I never planned to return into showbizz. But Ruud van Rijen asked me several times and also did I feel the artist in me wanting to get back on the stage. I love to perform and I feel like a fish in the water once I’m on stage with a mic in my hand. Of course the revival is an important reason as well. But we are working on a new album now, so even without the revival we would probably be back. »

You wrote all your raps in Twenty 4 Seven, did you do the same with your lyrics ?
Stay-C - « I wrote everything that is vocally manifest on our albums. So not only the raps, but also the melodies for the female parts. It is Ruud van Rijen who inspires me at most times and gives me the right direction to start writing. In the studio he adjusts some of my lyrics and compositions when he is not completely satisfied. He is of great help and the only one that is able to get all my creativity out. »

What is your favorite song from all Twenty 4 Seven albums ?
Stay-C - « Very funny, but those are the hits! Even after singing these for so many years, they still bring me joy. And out of the hits, I think Is It Love would be my number one. »

You have released 6 singles in solo. Did you write or record new songs in the last decade ?
Stay-C - « No actually not. As I said before, it is very hard for me to be creative with just anybody. The combination of Ruud van Rijen and me, works best for me. »

Did you have (or still have) relationship with Ray & Anita (2 Unlimited), D-Rock & Des'ray (2 Brothers on the 4th floor) or with foreign eurodance acts ?
Stay-C - « Relationship is a big word, but it is always great to meet them! We have been in the same situation and we link in that way. Sometimes we had tours together in far places and we used to go out and have fun there in clubs and hotel lobby’s. Me and the guys were very naughty sometimes, hahahaha! But we couldn’t help it, we’re only human... »

I won’t ask you to choose between Li-Ann, Nance and Stella but can you tell us your best memories with each one ?
Stay-C - « The first good memory I have with Li-Ann is the day we met! We clicked from the start and that was also reason for me to jump in the group. She is gorgious, nice, sweet and very professional. A joy to work with. Also the shoot of the video for our new single SLAVE TO THE MUSIC 2010 that we did last week was a nice experience with her, she looked superb!! Check the video out, it will be released in the coming weeks!

Furthermore is the best memory with our new and beautiful princess always the last time we were on stage. So at this time it would be last Saturday during We Love The 90”s in Eindhoven.
Stella was not very lucky with her timing in the group. It was too soon after Nance, which made the situation a little bit strange for all of us. We shot 2 video’s, the shoots were great!
Nance was also very professional and we share a lot of great memories. Our foreign tours, that sometimes took months, were the best. »

What do you prefer : working in the studio or being on stage ?
Stay-C - « I prefer the stage, but I realise that the studio has to be first in the process to get on stage. Working in the studio with Ruud van Rijen brings out the best in me, so that is a great thing. But being on stage with Li-Ann makes me feel like I’m back in my twenties!! So what a great life I have, right fellas ??!! »

Stay C, thanks for your answers to PArisGayZine.
Stay-C - « No thanx, was my pleasure! Hopefully you have enjoyed the show last saturday. »

Interview de Li-Ann

Li-Ann - « How did you meet Ruud ? Did he call you just after Raffish ?
The manager of Raffish is a good personal friend from Ruud, and he heard that Ruud was looking for a singer. The manager arranged the contacts between us. Ruud and me had a very good conversation where we connected immediately. So we both enjoyed to work together. »

Were you sad when Miss Cherry left the project ? How many dates have you done together ?
Li-Ann - « I was really sad that she left. I also worked with Sharon "Miss Cherry" in Raffish and we became really good friends. However I was very happy to work with Stay-C and to continue with him. Sharon "Miss Cherry" and me did something like 30 performances as Twenty 4 Seven. »

Twenty 4 Seven was very popular (and still is) when you was a very young girl. Was T4S your favourite eurodance band ? Did you have another favorite eurodance act ?
Li-Ann - « I was indeed a very young girl. Because of my 6 years older sister, she was a big fan of Twenty 4 Seven, I know the music good. Especially Slave to the Music, I heard that song every day ! »

What are your favourite songs from Twenty 4 Seven ?
Li-Ann - « Is it love, Take me away and of course the new version of Slave to the music ! »

Have you recorded many songs with Regi from Milk Inc ? Other songs after Friday and Pop the cherry ?
Li-Ann - « No, only the song "Friday" is produced by Regi. Our cooperation was really good. Even the video clip is recorded in his house ! »

Will you write your own songs ?
Li-Ann - « I would like that very much to write my own numbers! And hope in the future that I can develop this. But for now I leave writing the hits to Ruud and Stay-C. »

Have you recorded new songs with Ruud and Stay-C ?
Li-Ann - « We just recorded the new single Slave to the Music 2010. Ruud and Stay-C are busy to write more songs. More numbers for our new album are ready. As soon as possible we are going to the studio to record new songs. We cannot wait and are looking forward for this ! »

Is Stay-C the best partner to sing with ?
Li-Ann - « Stay-C is a really good artist! He has a great voice, can rap and he is going out of his mind on stage. Really great! He is a perfectionist and want to bring the best out of himself and me. Our vocals connect really well with each other en we get along very good. »

Do you prefer modeling or singing ?
Li-Ann - « Singing of course! Since I was a little girl, singing is my hobby. Photo and video shoots I like very much, but singing is my passion. »

Do you prefer to be in a girlsband, solo or in a duet ?
Li-Ann - « I like singing with somebody. As a artist you really experience cool things, on the stage and behind the stage. It’s great to share these things with somebody else. Of course I want to connect with the one who I’m singing.
With the girls of Raffish we had lots of fun, but sometimes 5 girls together can be a little bit to much. I like it very much to perform now with Stay-C. Besides, I’m a girl and he is a guy, we are very different on stage. I think that is a very good combination ! »

Interview de Ruud van Rijen

Ruud van Rijen - « You travelled around the world with Twenty 4 Seven. What are your best memories of this period ?
Ha ha, That’s what everybody thinks I guess. I hardly never travelled with them. While they were dong promotion all over the world I was sitting in the studio producing and writing the new stuff ;-) »

Did Twenty 4 Seven ever come in France for promotion ? When ?
Ruud van Rijen - « No idee? In that time Arcade (our record company at that time) started up a company in France and didn’t a good job for us. I really hope we will be able to visit France soon ! »

Twenty 4 Seven was in Chile two weeks ago. Is it the foreign country where the band is the most famous ? Where will you go in the coming months ?
Ruud van Rijen - « That depends on the success of the new coming singles. But I’m planning a South America tour at the moment. Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, Australia and probably more to come.. Hopefully France too !! »

What are the future plans of Twenty 4 Seven ? Greatest hits ? New album with new remixes of old songs, new ones ? When ?
Ruud van Rijen - « I’m planning now a remake of “I can’t stand it” for february and after that a totally new single coming from the forthcoming new album which will be released in summer 2011. I’m also thinking about a remix album and a best of video’s. »

Are there some unreleased songs from Twenty 4 Seven ?
Ruud van Rijen - « No. »

What do you think about music industry today and about the 90's revival ?
Ruud van Rijen - « Pfff, Everything’s changed over the past 10 years. It is easier to get deals worldwide. But it still depends on the quality of the song.
There is a total new marked for DJ’s, although that my personal opinion is that most of them are boring in half an hour. One hit wonders! The good guys mostly also produce commercial music.
My favourites are Alex gaudino, Tiesto, DJ Chuckie and last but not least...Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. I’m a big, big fan of David Guetta and Axwell for many years !! »

When you did the new version of Slave to the music, did you think Stay-C will be back or did you call him because Miss Cherry left the project ?
Ruud van Rijen - « I always thought of Stacey. He’s a great guy and when I hear him sing... Births begin to sing, water is sparkling again, And I feel like making music again...
Unfortunately, many years he had enough of the music industry and he wanted to spend more time with his family.
I was forced to look for a new talent to rap in Twenty 4 Seven. That’s how I met Miss Cherry.
A very, very talented girl! But as good as she was, inside me I felt that Twenty for seven is not Twenty 4 Seven without Stacey. And Miss Cherry was not happy in the group. It was not her kind of music she said. That’s why I asked Stacey one more time. I think together with Li-Ann we got the right group back again ;-)) »

Why did you choose the scene name Twenty 4 Seven ?
Ruud van Rijen - « Because at the beginning I was making music Twenty 4 hours seven days a week ! »

Why was eurodance music so huge in Europe and all over the world ?
Ruud van Rijen - « I think it was of the accessibility of the music and the lyrics. And there was melody in the music. Sometimes hard to find these days ;-) »

Will you be in I love the 90s (Hasselt) or Back to the 90s (Antwerpen) next year ?
Ruud van Rijen - « As far as I know. Not at the moment. »

Thanks for taking a little of your time to answer to PArisGayZine.
Ruud van Rijen - « You’re welcome. Thanks for your time and I hope you did enjoy the show last Saturday. »

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