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SINGLES de Sophie Ellis Bextor

Groovejet (If this ain't love) (2000 avec Spiller)
Take me home (2001)
Murder on the dancefloor (2001)
Get over you/Move this mountain (2002)
Music gets the best of me (2002)
Mixed up world (2003)
I won't change you (2003)
Circles (Just my good time) (2005)
Catch you (2007)
Me and my imagination (2007)
Today the sun's on us (2007)
Heartbreak (Make me a dancer) (2009 avec Freemasons)
Can't fight this feeling (2010 avec Junior Caldera)
Bittersweet (2010)
Not giving up on love (2010 avec Armin van Buuren)
Starlight (2011)
Young blood (2013)
Come with us (2016)
Wild forever (2017)
Love is you (2018)
Crying at the discotheque (2020)

Breaking the circle (2023)

ALBUMS de Sophie Ellis Bextor

Read my lips (2001)

Shoot from the hip (2003)

Trip the light fantastic (2007)

Make a scene (2011)

Wanderlust (2014)

Familia (2016)

Songs from the kitchen Disco (2020)

1. Groovejet (If this ain't love) 2020, 2. Take me home (A girl like me), 3. Murder on the dancefloor, 4. Get over you, 5. Music gets the best of me, 6. Mixed up world, 7. Catch you, 8. Me and my imagination, 9. Today the sun’s on us, 10. Bittersweet, 11. Starlight, 12. Not giving up on love (feat. Armin van Buuren), 13. Heartbreak (Make me a dancer) (feat. Freemasons), 14. Young blood, 15. True faith (BBC Session), 16. Do you remember the first time ? (Live), 17. Come with us, 18. Wild forever, 19. Crying at the discotheque, 20. My favourite things

Hana (2023)