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SINGLES de 5ive

Slam dunk (Da funk) (1997)
When the lights go out (1998)
Got the feelin' (1998)
Everybody get up (1998)
Until the time is through (1998)
If ya gettin' down (1999)
Keep on movin' (1999)
How do ya feel (1999)
Don't wanna let you go (2000)
We will rock you (2000)
Let's dance (2001)
Closer to me (2001)
Rock the party (2001)

ALBUMS de 5ive

5ive: The album (1998)

1. When the lights go out, 2. That's what you told me, 3. It's the thing you do, 4. When I remember when, 5. Slam dunk (Da funk), 6. Satisfied, 7. It's all over, 8. Partyline 555-On-Line, 9. Until the time is through, 10. Everybody get up, 11. My song, 12. Got the feelin'

Invincible (1999)

1. Don't fight it baby, 2. If ya gettin' down, 3. Don't wanna let you go, 4. Two sides to every story, 5. Keep on movin', 6. We will rock you, 7. You make me a better man, 8. It's alright, 9. Serious, 10. Invincible, 11. How do ya feel, 12. Everyday

Kingsize (2002)

1. Let's dance, 2. Lay all your lovin' on me, 3. Rock the party, 4. Closer to me, 5. Hear me now, 6. Let's get it on, 7. Feel the love, 8. We're going all night (You make me high), 9. Take your chances on me, 10. Something in the air, 11. Breakdown, 12. On top of the world, 13. C'mon C'mon, 14. World of mine, 15. All around

Greatest hits (2002)

1. We will rock you, 2. Keep on movin', 3. If ya gettin' down, 4. Everybody get up, 5. Let's dance, 6. Rock the party, 7. Got the feelin', 8. When the lights go out, 9. Closer to me, 10. Until the time is through, 11. Don't wanna let you go, 12. Slam Dunk (Da Funk), 13. It's the things you do, 14. When I remember when, 15. Inspector Gadget, 16. Set me free, 17. Keep on movin', 18. Five Megamix