"David Lindren (Interview 2013)" interview
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David Lindren (Interview 2013)

David Lindren (Interview 2013)
After being in several musicals in Sweden, David Lindgren takes part in Melodifestivalen 2012 and 2013. With "Shout it out" and "Skyline", he convinced kids and Melodifestivalen fans that he could also be good in pop music.

David Lindren (Interview 2013)

2012 interview

"Shout it out" is far away from what we were expected from you? You wanted to sing different songs than musicals ones ?
I’ve been doing a lot of musicals and maybe people think I’m gonna sing a musical song. But if you look what musical songs I’ve been doing in High School Musical, it’s a lot of up tempo songs. This is what I listen to and this is what I always wanted to do. "Shout it out" is a good song. It suits me very nice with the dancing. So, I’m very satisfied.

Maybe you‘ll come to France for promotion if you win ?
Yeah that would be great ! I have never been in France.

It’s not far away from Sweden, you know.
Not, it’s not. I’ve been to Italy a lot, and Germany also. So maybe in France.

You should !
Yeah, I should.

And you’re looking for new songs for an album maybe ?
We are looking at it. Nothing is decided but we are doing some more songs. And we’ll see what will happen with that style.

You are looking for big signatures ?
That will be great ! If I do an album now, I will do an album with a lot of dance songs.

Dance songs ?
Yeah, house...

Not musical songs ? You want to change ?
No musicals songs. I’m still in musicals, but I think we can do both.

But you think that for this festival, it is better to have a dance song. You want to go to Baku for Eurovision ?
Yeah, that will be great !

And you like girls like Carola, Charlotte Perrelli ?
I’ve been working with Charlotte. She is a great. She is a great artist.

Thank you very much and good luck.
Thank you so much.

David Lindren (Interview 2013)

2013 interview

Hello David
Hello guys !

We are a french website. We have some questions for you. We met here in Stockholm last year.
Yes, I remember.

It was great, you made a good show and with a big result. So you are expecting more this year ?
Of course we are back in the competition with high hopes. I want to be up in the top, and fight. I think I can do that.

We think you can do it.
You think ? That makes me glad !

A good song, a lot of energy.
Yeah, it’s a great song. It’s direct. It’s a great number especially. I’m really proud of the number, the way we dance, the dancers move and what we do with the camera angles. I think it’s fresh. Yeah, I love it !

David Lindren (Interview 2013)

You also have a new EP with a new music “Amnesia”. Can you talk about it ?
Yeah, you like Amnesia ? It’s a great song, it’s Fernando Fuentes that wrote this song. He also wrote "Shout it out". It’s a kind of different song from the others songs you heard from me. I think it’s nice to show that I can do other stuff too. It’s a little bit harder. I’m really proud of that song.

It’s a good evolution of your sound with that song ?
Yeah, cool, thank you. My album gonna come here in april. It’s a great album. I’m so proud of it. A lot of good sounds in it.

But you’ve just released a EP with five songs.
Yeah, on the EP. It’s just gonna be the 5 songs on the EP, and later 5 (or 4) other songs on the album.

And in the new album there will be different styles ?
It would be pop music_and a lot of dance. I think my first album was a little bit more house-pop and this is more pop, go back to basics. Backstreet’s Boys kind of...

You want to change. You want to evolve ?
I always love pop and I think this house wave is kind of fading out. I would like to go back to the basics to straight pop.

Your public is younger. You want to increase it with more mature pop ?
I think I also have a little bit of older ladies. So, I know, because of this festival. It’s a kids show, kids love it. So I have a lot of kids that like my music so... And I think they’re gonna like my album. But I wanna do the show for Ladies night here in Sweden. It’s for ladies 30 years old, so I think I’m gonna find a new audience there actually.

Hello everybody, David Lindgren in here. I hope you check me out on Spotify or Youtube. And I hope you enjoy my music because I know I do. Take care everybody. Love.

David Lindren (Interview 2013)

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