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Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019
Cher is visiting Europe with a new tour Here we go again tour 2019 . But, since the American diva will not come to Paris, we made the trip to finally see her on stage on Sunday October 13, 2019 at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg (Germany).

This is one of 19 shows on his (European) tour, which has 82 worldwide. Started in Oceania more than a year ago, this tour will end with new American dates at the end of the year.

When you enter the enclosure, Cher’s name appears on the stage curtain, white with fine, stylized black patterns.

7:55 p.m. The DJ Kidcutup leaves his turntables after mixing "Fly baby fly", disco, 80s hits, Roxette ("The look"), Madonna ("La isla bonita"), Pink Floyd, Queen, Bee Gees ...

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Summary of the first part : Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light is the musical project of a British singer based in New York. Rod Thomas is accompanied by two dancers on stage at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. This is the first part, all the more sympathetic as the singer is gay and already has several hits to his credit. Some of them were recorded with Elton John.

In Europe, it is this group which is responsible for the first part of Cher's concerts, while in the United States and Canada, it is Nile Rodgers & Chic who are responsible for welcoming spectators.

Bright Light Bright Light setlist

All in the name
Symmetry of two hearts
Disco moment
Running back to you
Cry at films
An open heart

8:30 p.m. Kidcutup resumes service. Behind his turntables, he plays the biggest hits of Queen, Donna Summer, Boney M, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, Bon Jovi, Gloria Gaynor, Depeche Mode, Queen ("We'll rock you ") ...

9:00 p.m. Without us seeing it from our location, Cher hello to the left and then to the right of the big white curtain, which causes cries of joy in the audience installed on the sides.

Summary of Cher's concert

Act 1

It’s 9:05 p.m. when Cher’s show begins with a dynamic little film, made up of many archive images, in the form of slide shows and video extracts. This is the title "Woman’s world" that we are listening to. This is a Cher single dance released in 2013, here with a musical part played on the violin.

The huge curtain falls and the star arrives on stage from the heights on a small platform, like a goddess who would come to earth. Cher performs this same "Woman’s world" live surrounded by her troupe of dancers. These are Romans, gladiators, with golden looks. Two choristers and several musicians also accompany him on this tour.

The show girl is sublime with her blue wig and pink makeup. She takes advantage that the lights are off to remove the thin over blue she wore on the first track, to appear now in a small outfit with a blue corset on "Strong enough", a powerful single that has ignited the charts and dance floors in 1999. It also strengthens the opening of the show which promises to be very rhythmic.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

The superstar speaks before starting the third song. This also allows us, while listening, to admire the beautiful portal of a large property. Its decor is majestic and is complemented by moving digital visuals.

During his speech, Cher tells us some anecdotes for long minutes.

The American evokes the actor Nicolas Cage, 21 years old at the time of the shooting of "Moonlight", by recalling that she won the Oscar for best actress for her role in this "Moonstruck" (VO ).

The star then talks about director George Miller and actor Jack Nicholson, his screen partner in "The Witches of Eastwick" (1987), who initially did not want her for this role, deeming it "too much old and not sexy. "

Cher goes on to talk about David Letterman, a TV host for over 30 years. She did not want to come to her Late Show before participating in 1986. Just before her birthday, the star had asked David Letterman for money to appear (finally) in her Late Show… during which she treaty of "asshole". However, they became friends afterwards.

After talking about her old memories, Cher talks about her age, which she finds it hard to accept. She wanted to keep it secret for a long time, which attracted a lot of media attention. The artist then advises all women to do the same and keep their age quiet.

To close this series of anecdotes, Cher also makes us laugh by wondering if her audience came to see her on stage because she is still alive ... or for her costumes.

Act 2

Sweet Indian music sounds in Hamburg’s Barclaycard Arena. The dancers transport us in a Maharaja atmosphere on the title "Gayatri Mantra", a sacred mantra. On this beautiful Hindu invocation, it is a pretty picture that is gradually being put on stage with the arrival of a giant elephant. Although it is not a real mammal that appears on stage, unlike the one that accompanied Dorothée to Bercy in 1992, the articulated animal still has its effect on these slow and pop tones.

The troupe is magnificent in its colorful Indian outfits during this painting that Cher has been integrating into his shows since 1994.

At the end of this enchanting piece, Cherilyn, Cher’s real name, returns to the stage taking a seat on the head of the elephant.

Like a deity in her colorful sari, Cher then intones the electrifying "All or nothing". Back on the stage, also in Indian and neon attire, the singer is surrounded by her beautiful dancers towards whom gay looks converge. This Bollywood painting is a bit kitsch, but Cher delighted his audience with this staging that will amaze you.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 3

The next act is a total flashback as we immerse ourselves in the sixties. Through archived videos, Cher revives the hippie duo she formed with Sonny Bono between 1963 and 1975. The ex-Caesar & Cleo, called Sonny & Cher thereafter, were a stage duo but also formed a couple to the city between 1964 and 1974.

After "Little man", the video interlude dedicated to the 60s continues with "All I ever need is you" and we watch extracts from their shows on American TV, which recall those of Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier at the same time in France.

The scene then lights up in red, black and white, when the dancers take over the dance floor to the sound of synths from "The beat goes on", performed in a virtual duet with Sonny Bono, who died in 1998.

Surrounded by her band of dancers, Cher returns on stage in a new 60s outfit, very hippie with sequins. This singer is wearing pants with elephant legs, in big black, sky blue and pink stripes, which she matched with a pink top with voluminous purple epaulettes in fur. She also wears a black wig with straightened hair. This is his natural color and his wig the less flashy.

The next song is still from the 60s, but the atmosphere is more intimate with the dimly lit scene in black and white. During a second virtual duo, on the tube "I got you babe" (1965), Cher looks at her ex-husband and stage companion, as Sylvie Vartan tenderly looked at the images of Johnny Hallyday, during his tribute to the Grand Rex in March 2018.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 4

The following table is a cabaret with its full package: sexy outfits for dancers, elegant dance partners, choreographies, red velvet curtain, live and jazzy music… The troupe dances to the song "You haven't seen the last of me" , which Cher recorded for the film “Burlesque” released in 2010.

The star is now entering the excellent “Welcome to Burlesque” as a reviewer in a black outfit, with rhinestones, a coarse tail jacket, pink inside… This is a new good moment in this show, especially with the artist's live voice.

While Cher has retired behind the scenes for a new change of clothes, a couple hovers in the air on the ballad "Lie to me". Failing to be original, it is a breathtaking interlude that is offered to us.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 5

The artist returns to the stage to perform "Waterloo", one of his covers of Abba. Cher is currently recording a follow-up to his cover album, which should be released soon with the song "Would you like".

The star is now blonde, in a purple velvet outfit and beautiful. His dancers wear colorful outfits, including those worn by Abba at Eurovision 1974. On the big screen, faceted balls symbolize disco.

Then, alone on stage, Cher continues with another cover of Abba, namely "SOS", the second single from her album "Dancing queen". The tempo is slower on this song and on the next one.

After the drum rolls on the intro to "Fernando", Cher appears alone, up there, in a beautiful visual that represents a starry night with fireworks. It reminds us of course of his film "Mamma Mia! Here we go again", released ten years after "Mamma Mia" (2008).

These covers of Abba replace a section usually made (on previous tours) of his own hits from the early 70s, namely "Gypsys, tramps & thieves", "Half-breed" and "Dark lady". It is not worse for us who prefer the dear disco.

Excerpts are now broadcast from various films of the American singer ("Moonlight", "The Witches of Eastwick", "Mamma mia" ...), who has in fact almost forty to her credit. We also see Cher receiving her Oscar, then the artist points out that she was never really accepted, neither as a singer in the world of music, nor as an actress by the world of cinema.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 6

A castle on an island then appears in a digital visual. It is on the ballad "After all" that Cher returns before us, in a sparkling golden outfit, like a crowned goddess. His two singers help him sing, but his voice is again live on this track, recorded in the late 80s with Peter Cetera.

Cher immerses us in her childhood through archive images, in black and white, which she comments on herself. The artist also talks about Elvis Presley, on images of her making up in Elvis in Las Vegas, to the sound of "Heartbreak hotel". For the record, The King would have invited him to spend a weekend with him in the 70s, which she would have refused.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 7

This is the opening of this table dedicated to his greatest covers.

In his blonde wig, Cher now comes to interpret "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn, elegantly in his black jacket, set with rhinestones, like his bustier elsewhere. The artist appears in "Chelvis" in the vintage visual that scrolls behind her.

Cher continues with her first title "The shoop shoop song (It's in his kiss)". Her famous cover of a title by Betty Everett, recorded in 1990, is performed this evening with her singers. The artist is also surrounded by two additional pairs of dancers, in front of a visual in which the neon lights flash.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 8

Red lights illuminate the scene. Joel Hoekstra, guitarist of the rock band Whitesnake, enters and sends heavy with his howling guitar. The long-haired, leather man plays the electric guitar on "Bang bang (My baby shot me down)", unrecognizable, then on the intro to the next track.

The American icon is back on stage in the very sexy outfit she wore in 1989. Under her black leather jacket, Cher is in a semi-transparent outfit, in black sequined sequined style. The male audience and gay fans exult.

It's amazing to see her in this outfit interpreting "I found someone", her 1987 success, composed by Michael Bolton, and originally recorded by Laura Branigan (1986), before the author recorded it himself. in 1996.

A warship appears on the screen next, as it already appeared in the clip filmed by Cher in 1989. The pink and blue lights contrast with the harshness reflected by this large military machine. It is "If I could turn back time" that she performs at this time of the show. This title suits him well with his lyrics, which could be translated as "If I could go back in time". Dear wants to stay young, she says it herself. She did not hesitate to do a lot of cosmetic surgery to maintain her scuptural physique. Anyway, the American diva looks gorgeous again this evening with her wavy brown hair.

Joel Hoekstra is back on stage for outro, also very rock.

It was this iconic look that Cher had adopted to present an award to Lady Gaga during the MTV Video Music Awards 2010. The two singers recorded a duet, "The greatest thing", which unfortunately did not have the expected commercial release at the origin.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

Act 9

The Barclaycard Arena is plunged into darkness for a few moments. An interlude is set up with dancers over-energized with electro music and among the games of green lasers. The choreography is very dynamic and it's nice to see.

10:35 p.m. This is the highlight of this show with a finale which is obviously done on "Believe", his hit from 1998. The gay icon wears faded jeans with skulls, and a small silver and spangled jacket . She is surrounded by her troop of ten dancers in white outfits. The staging is festive as it should be so that everyone dances on this "auto-tune anthem".

The German public exults on this finale, and so do we. Cher greets his audience in his red wig. As the white curtain stretches out in front of the stage. It's already the end of his show.

Cher - Here We Go Again Tour @ Hamburg 2019

We loved seeing Cher in this show which traces her long career. The international star is happy to play with the many changes of looks, with no less than nine different outfits tonight, and almost as many wigs.

The American diva has this charisma and the presence on stage that we wanted to see with our own eyes. Magic has operated with this legend.

Cher is a live woman who is still full of energy at 73. Her “Here we go again tour” is a great production worthy of the Las Vegas shows, where she gave a hundred shows between 2017 and 2020, following a previous residency of 192 dates between 2008 and 2011.

Only remark, this show is a bit short and there were bound to be some songs we liked, such as "Dov'è d'amore", "Dressed to kill", "I walk alone", "Take it like a man", "Song for the lonely" ... We would have liked the gay icon to make us at least a picture with these more contemporary titles.

This singing tour is very faithful to the one she's been doing for years, and there are even strong similarities with the setlist of her Parisian concert given in May 2004.

At the end of the show, we pose for a photo with the singer of Bright Light Bright Light, and his two gay dancers as well, who provided the first part of this unforgettable concert.

At the exit of the Barclaycard Arena, there is also a torrential rain waiting for us when we have to collect the shuttle in order to reach the center of Hamburg.

This Cher show would have pleased Parisian gays, given the upsurge of drags evenings at the moment in Paris:
Drag Academy at Tata Burger, Drag me up at Who’s, Diva’s Kabaret, Les folles de Paris, Drag on, Talent Capital, #DimancheDrag by Dragathon…

Cher's concert setlist

puce Act I
Woman's world
Strong enough
Gayatri Mantra
All or nothing

puce Act II
All I ever need is you / Little man (Video interlude)
The beat goes on (with Sonny Bono on screen)
I got you babe (with Sonny Bono on screen)

puce Act III
You haven't seen the last of me (Video interlude)
Welcome to Burlesque
Lie to me
Waterloo (Takeover of ABBA)
SOS (Takeover of ABBA)
Fernando (Resumption of ABBA)

puce Act IV
Dear Movie Montage (Video interlude)
After all
Heartbreak hotel (Interlude, Resumption of Elvis Presley)
Walking in Memphis (Resumption of Marc Cohn)
The shoop shoop song (It's in his kiss) (Betty Everett cover)

puce Act V
Bang bang (My baby shot me down) (Instrumental Guitar)
I found someone (Michael Bolton cover)
If I could turn back time

puce Act VI

All the photos of Cher's show

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